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Danielle is available by call, text, and email.  I'm never "too busy" to get back to people. 808.365.6262

Property Search: I cherry pick properties based on my clients list of preferences for properties.  I also delete/ avoid properties that have obvious issues- in a flood zone, permit issues, etc.  Once we have a nice list I map out the properties and make appointments for us then -we hit the road!

One of my favorite aspects of this job is definitely road trips!

Negotiation: Danielle is highly skilled in negotiating and creating winning contracts for her clients. Danielle takes pride in formulating offers and counteroffers, negotiating the price and terms of the transaction, and working to achieve the best possible outcome for my clients.

Coordination and Support: Throughout the transaction process, real estate agents coordinate with other professionals involved, such as lawyers, inspectors, appraisers, and lenders. They help manage timelines, arrange inspections, and address any issues that may arise.

Expert Advice & Guidance: Buying or selling a home may come with hurdles. Danielle excels at making the process straightforward and coming up with solutions and strategies for her clients.

Market Knowledge and Guidance: We stay up to date with local real estate market trends, zoning regulations, financing options, and other relevant information. We are able to  provide clients with valuable insights and guidance to make informed decisions about buying or selling properties.

We love to share our knowledge with our clients to help them make informed decisions and to assist with a smooth transaction.

Property Valuation: Help determine the market value of a property by conducting comparative market analysis and considering various factors such as location, size, condition, and recent sales of comparable properties. Being a seasoned agent goes a long way in understanding value for properties.

Listing and Marketing: Listing and marketing property is pretty standard among real estate agents.  We create marketing materials, including photographs, videos, and descriptions, and promote the property through various channels like online listings, social media, and our network of contacts.

One thing I am adamant about is being at the house for showings.


Contract Preparation and Review: One of, if not the most important, aspects of being an agent is writing real estate purchase contracts and counter-offers.

I cannot stress enough that anyone can open a door but protecting your clients interests and being a fiduciary is paramount in real estate representation. Understanding and creating a winning contract for your client is essential.

I excel at writing contracts and protecting my clients interests.

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