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Lahaina Homeowners lacked adequate insurance?

I read some news on the internet today about the sad truth of some Lahaina homeowners not having adequate insurance to cover their loss from the fire. My first thought was shock and then I thought about an experience I had about 20 years ago.....

We had our homeowners insurance with a certain local company here in Honoka'a since 1995. I had called the insurance agent about something- some question and I remember how rude he was to me. So, I ended up calling the other insurance agent here and oh boy - what a difference!!

Rick Sakata (still our insurance agent) saved our okole's that day. He went over everything with me: amounts of coverage, what wasn't covered, our deductible- everything. What I realized is that we were totally under-insured and a lot of our farm equipment and personal belongings were not covered at all!! At the end of the meeting my insurance cost actually went down(!) and I had coverage that would actually protect us in the event of a disaster.

Whoever you use as your agent make sure you go over the amounts on your policy asap. I know I'll be forever grateful to Rick for doing his job and protecting us.

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